Regenerative Therapy by Dr. Brian Siegel, MD

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Our Team

Our talented doctors and staff bring the latest innovations in regenerative therapy to Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley.


Brian Siegel, MD

“I enjoy determining the exact diagnosis, providing the correct treatment for various painful conditions and seeing the improvements in my patients. I am grateful to be able to spend plenty of time with each patient learning about their condition, educating them about their pain and treating them the way they deserve to be treated. My years of experience have taught me what works best for each problem, and I will use whatever treatment techniques work best for each person. My mission is to relieve people’s pain without pills so they can enjoy life to the fullest.”


Kevin Kolvereid, PA-C

The enjoyment of patient care has become an amazing experience. I have been a world traveling Special Forces Medic for 10 years, a trauma and Orthopedic  Physician’s Assistant for 28 years, and now a Pain Management staff member for the last 3 years. Taking difficult problems and teaming up to improve an individual’s life, has incredible satisfaction.  Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting field.  I look forward to utilizing my past experience and my new skills in providing the best patient outcomes that are now possible in this growing field of medicine.



Dawn Cook, BSN, RN

I have been caring for the Yampa Valley for almost 10 years and it is my continuous quest to provide my patients and community with the finest, most cutting edge care possible.  I have worked in many different areas of nursing but none as promising as Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative medicine provides some of the most exciting new treatment options available. The more I learn more about stem cell therapy, and other regenerative procedures, the more passionate I become. I find it fascinating that we are finding ways to treat disease using the body’s own resources, thereby reducing the need to become dependent on pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgery. We at BioLOGIC Regenerative Medicine are very excited to bring these promising new therapies to the Yampa Valley.






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