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From our Patients

“Doing great! Feeling fantastic and the best I’ve been in two years.”

-Anonymous patient, July 2015

From Brian, October 2016:
“In June of 2016 both of my knees were suffering severe pain from Osteo-Arthritis. During my flight to Steamboat the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t walk without a cane and needed special assistance from the airlines and airports to reach my gates. I found out about Biologic services and the nurse Dawn went out of her way to get me an appointment. I was unsure if this surgery would help me but the pain was so severe I decided to go ahead. I  had stem cell procedure on both of my knees with the understanding that I would know the amount of relief in 8-12 weeks. I was extremely pleased when over 80% of my pain left after 4 days of the treatment. My knees have continued to improve with less and less pain and I walk without a cane and without pain. The cost was so reasonable considering the quality of life it restored to me. Since my treatment I have recommended Biologic to many friends and acquaintances. I highly recommend this treatment and the professional services I received from Biologic.”

From James, October 2016:
“I hit my present weight 47 years ago, when I was a junior in college.  Xrays have shown me what people meant when they said I was big boned.  But, in addition to big bones,  at 225-235 lbs,  I’m probably 30 pounds overweight, and, pretty much, always have been.  The good news is that I don’t weigh more!!

I started running when I was 26 and ran 10-15 miles a week, every week, for 23 years.  Wore out three dogs.   And, apparently, my knees.   I switched to a treadmill and to walking 20 years ago when I was 48 and still enjoy that.

But, my knees don’t.

My knees had been in a steep decline for about six months when, on May 17, 2014, I couldn’t walk.   I kept hoping they would improve, but they didn’t.

Time out here to explain that in early 2001 I learned that I react well to “Pain injections.”  I had fallen in November, 2000 and ruptured five disks in my back.  I went to see the local back surgeon and he said that I would heal in time, but I just had to get on top of the immense pain while the healing took place.  He said that he could operate, but he recommended that, as a first step I visit Dr. Brian Siegel, whom the old back doc referred to as a “pain doc” who was new in town.

Brian injected my back twice over the course of a year and I felt relief  immediately both times.  The healing was occurring and pain had diminished to the point where I felt like I didn’t need a third.  It hurt for 10 years, but it was very manageable.   I still chuckle, when I recall the old back doc asking me, on my initial visit,  to describe for him on a scale of 1-10 what my pain was.  I told him 2000.  And I don’t think I was stretching it!!

I began to hear and read about stem cell therapy in the early 2000s.  It sounded fascinating.

OK Time back in.

When, in the summer of 2014, my knees never really got much better, I went to see the local Knee guys in August.  They did an MRI and said my left knee was definitely a candidate for replacement, because I was at bone on bone.  We assumed my right knee was the same.   He told me he would give me a shot in each knee to ‘get me home” but that my level of returning pain would determine when I would need knee replacement surgery.   Ironically, before I left, I got him talking about stem cell, and, though somewhat skeptical, he said that he assumed that was the future of joint damage……that they’d be repaired with stem cells, rather than replaced.

Once again, the injections were miracle-like.  The pain all but disappeared.   I was back on the treadmill!!!   My knees would ache, when I would overdo it.  Otherwise my only complaint was the both knee joints felt very, very loose, like the next step would be my last before the knee gave out and my chin would be on the floor. Bu, not much pain, other than the aching.

I kept hearing and reading about the advances in stem cell therapy.   And was impressed.

On July 4, 2016 I saw a posting on Facebook that Brian Siegel was now, also, doing stem cell therapy, in Steamboat.   I made an appointment.  We decided to fix my knees, one at a time.   I went in on August 23 for just over two hours.  I was surprised that there was no pain in harvesting the stem cells and just a brief, but significant, sting at each of the three injection sites.   I went home and had a normal and pain free evening.   I went to bed and was awake and uncomfortable for four hours.   Then, the pain went away, totally.

Remarkably, I felt that Stem cell knee joint, which I always referred to as ‘rattling’  tighten up the next day.  The loose joint sensation was gone.   And, it has only improved for the seven weeks since.   It still aches, when I overdo it.   But, the pain is insignificant.  Just an ache.

I’m scheduling the other knee soon.”



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